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Association Greenage

About Greenage Club

Greenage is a nonprofit association in Barcelona which started the journey at the end of 2012 with the primary aim of defending the exercise of fundamental rights to freedom, health and intimacy that are projected on the right to freedom of conscience of people and the arrangement of his life and their future. 

Greenage is an association of people who want to grow and develop in a friendly and prosperous way, a club that does not haggle in efforts to try to improve the welfare of its members, their community, their city, their world. Greenage is a dream, a story that begins, a book that is to be written, with the shared history of their partners, a journey full of emotions that take us there and here, starting with Barcelona, the city that we love and we want to be more cultural, more social, more human.

Association Services and Goals

Remind that the association is the result of what the associates do for and, as we grow, each of us may propose and organize his ownn events, services, ideas, projects.

Below, we present a list, not exhaustive, but some of what we will begin with:

  • We will offer a private, exclusive access to Club members. A place where smokers or passive smokers of cannabis or tobacco , can enjoy in a private and intimate way their right to privacy, liberty and the meeting with others associates of the Association, united by the respect for the principles and purposes of the Association.
  • Encourage and support projects that aim to respect the right to be different and the development of one’s personality, and the pursuit of happiness of the people.
  • Initiatives which promote and defend respect for diversity, peace and environmental sustainability.
  • We will collaborate with programms which defend the right to a healthy and natural products.
  • We are developping and supporting research and development projects related to the properties of cannabis varieties.
  • Therapeutic members may receive special and individual treatment by the Association and we will take into consideration special needs, depending on the specific disease and their autonomy, mobility and economic.
  • We carry on cultural, sporting and entertainment events that encourage people socializing, the mutual understanding and respect for differences as an human wealth element, respecting scrupulously the law and leading by the principle of social function, generosity and social solidarity.
  • We work to improve the standards of life of the people and to cretae a more equitative social and economic framework.
  • For that, we will participate in the development of social welfare programs, health care and solidarity. The model of full respect of the fundamental rights of the human being who defends the Association should reverse in the most fair and efficient    allocation of resources and in improving the lives of people, especially the most disadvantaged and the one suffering from diseases and adverse conditions in Barcelona and wherever we can.