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Exploring the Universe of Cannabis Associations in Barcelona

Discover the lively scene of Cannabis Associations in Barcelona and delve into the benefits, regulations, and frequently asked questions surrounding these cannabis associations. Join us on a journey through Barcelona’s cannabis culture, exploring the diverse offerings and legal aspects of Cannabis Associations in this city. Barcelona, renowned for its vibrant culture, impressive architecture, and energetic…
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Smoking clubs in Barcelona, ​​a cultural alternative

Barcelona has always been a city with a wide range of cultural offers and, it is not just a matter of Catalan pride, if we compare Barcelona with other cities such as Valencia or Madrid, in theaters, cabarets, concerts or simply reading clubs, it heads the ranking in this type of offers. For some years,…
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Therapeutic cannabis

There are two different debates when dealing with the legalization of general cannabis use. On the one hand we have the defenders of the therapeutic use and the defenders of the playful use. Both debates differ because in both uses the risks and effects are different. The active principles of cannabis are the so-called cannabinoids…
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Cannabis clubs in Barcelona: a cultural option

It is well known that cannabis clubs in Barcelona are skyrocketing. More and more people come to these places, for example to use the therapeutic material they need. This is an associative phenomenon that fulfills a necessary and demanded social work, as we discover if we pay attention to official figures. Estimations show that there…
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