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Enjoy Greenage, enjoy Barcelona, enjoy Greenage Barcelona !!

Viaja a traves de Greenage, viaja en el Club....viaja en Greenage Club

 A magic club in Barcelona...


The smoking club in Barcelona but non only

Dear friends, Welcome to our association and to greenage smoking club website, we hope that you will apreciate our project and that you will share with us that amazing experience which began at the end of 2012.

In Greenage, we love people, we love ideas and every special adventures.... We want to be part of the evolution of the society to more freedom, with conscious and, for that we need to meet different people, who want to involve, who want to bring ideas and to make its possible together

Greenage is an area of freedom, and your ideas are the core of this area....Greenage is a smoking club opened to non smokers people but it is also an association which promote social debate, a consumer cooperative, an exchange network, an after work cosy club and may other things to discover by yourself

At least we have got our smoking club in Barcelona to meet us - it has been decorated by Mirko – and also assemblies planned every 3 months where we will explain our spirit: the goals we would like to reach, our ideals, our ideas and, after that, it will be up to you to be part of us, of our project, ....sharing your skills, your mind, your dreams and make it real with us

Greenage club needs you to evolve..... we need your suggestions, your opinions....we would like each asssociate to express himself, to share his point of view, to propose his projects and to know what you need to adapt us to you, to organize the events that you like..... to grow up with you, because of you

We are very excited with this new adventure and eager to start working with you in joint projects, to make our life easier, more simple, to walk together in this way, in this life, in this world

We hope that you will be interested in involving you in this project to build our piece of world together

Greenage President




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